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Code Geass doujin stuff community
Purpose of this comm: Share the pr0n!!!! Share the lastest Code Geass doujinshi information, doujinshi scans, doujin games etc. You can sell your General, shounen-ai, shoujo-ai, yaoi, yuri, ecchi, het are all welcome. Doujin work in any language is also welcome.

- Don't spam, flame, troll, bash couplings or characters (feel free to troll trolls though =D)
- Don't post anything that's non-Code Geass and non-doujin related
- If your post is huge, LJ-cut it
- If your image(s) is/are huge, LJ-cut it
- If you're going to share anything that's not work safe, put a rating
- Give credits to original source if there's any
- Lock all your doujin-sharing posts
- Search thoroughly before requesting
- Tag your posts if possible. See the list of tags.

Have fun :x